Nietzsche and the Eternal Return
Claud Lévy-Strauss and Structuralist Games

Calling out Games/Play/Ritual

Claude Lévy-Strauss on Games/Ritual
Spivak/Derrida and Rheinberger on Games/Play/?Ritual?
Khôra and Reading/Deconstructing/Playing Well

Signature Event Context

Ethics of Discussion and Bloor/Latour

"... Lacan is specifically concerned with issues such as dialogue and the performative psychoanalytic character of understanding and of knowledge as itself an act, a process of narration." (Felman, 1987, Pp. 4)

Towards an Ethic of Apocalyptic Kisses - Calling one's self "Osiris" was not without a sense of history. Osiris begat (or is said to have begotten) "Anubis". Alice and I have really grown up together. Sense and non-sense have always gone together. Alice and I have repeated our trips down the rabbit hole since the early days. The only aspect of this "apocalypse" which I have feared is that it would come at the hands of others, rather than by my own. Lord of the underworld my ass.

Incompressibility is probably a nice place to start thinking about rhizomes. These chains just keep linking up. It's almost uncanny, or perhaps a bit terrifying, a bit like waking up next to Ayn, or Alice, though I'd rather wake up next to Alice.

"As for the war machine in itself, it seems to be irreducable to the State apparatus, to be outside its sovereignty and prior to its law: it comes from elsewhere: Indra, the warrior god, is in opposition to Varuna no less than to Mitra. He can no more be reduced to one or the other than he can constitute a third of their kind. Rather, he is like a pure and immeasurable multiplicity, the pack, an irruption of the ephemeral and the power of metamorphosis. He unties the bond just as he betrays the pact. He brings a furor to bear against sovereignty, a celerity against gravity, secrecy against the public, a power (puissance) against sovereignty, a machine against the apparatus. He bears witness, above all, to other relations of becoming, rather than implementing binary distributions between 'states': a veritable becoming-animal of the warrior, a becoming-woman, which lies outside dualities of terms as well as correspondences between relations. In every respect, the war machine is of another species, another nature, another origin than the State apparatus." (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987, Pp. 358) Or, how D&G started up my war machine.