I'm finding it hard to grasp the letter C

In terms of "The Purloined Letter" triangles (starting on 39)... it’s the "Locus of substitution" or "triangular perspective". And it’s that C that keeps me from accepting my own solipsistic delusions. I see the blur of analysis with analysts being analysands to themselves... and I get a feeling of "seeing the limit" with a certain "third person perspective"... but/and it is still (always? though Felman/Lacan seem to have found something tangible enough to write about, let alone characterize) vapor. I feel my vision to be hopelessly two dimensional in a three dimensional world.

I suppose this is my question: Is there a way to operate/read/mark "as Dupin/as symbolic" without this knowledge of the triangle becoming again one dimensionally analyst-analysand, "I'm interpreting what you mean through my own meaning?" If the position B in the triangle can be described as "looking at yourself in the others eye", can you act C without simply euphemizing with "looking at yourself through your sense of the others eyes?" Vapor. The minister is different from the queen only in that he isn't involved... he's a third party. I understand this is what Lacan means in the analysts strength coming from their position in the triangle, but. . . but what?

Looking back on what I've written, I feel like I'm already past all of that... "so passé"... but I don’t know what's "in vogue" anymore... Oh man, I seriously just got the humor in the title of the magazine Vogue! Please don't tell me the word was coined because of the magazine, because that would totally rain on my parade.