The gun jumped me... not really "about" Plateaus, though it makes even less sense without it.

I picked up A Thousand Plateaus and suddenly remembered a few things I seemed to have forgotten. The literary truth. Deleuze and Guattari love language. Where else do you find discussion of taproots and tree trunks when referring to a book? What is so stimulating about the free association of words? Perhaps because it is the antithesis of Science and Nature (the publications, that is). Where scientific writing conforms to a rigid structure of absolute (words | definitions | meanings), Deleuze and Guattari utilize a growing grammar. "Of Grammatology?" Growing because it is not "relative" or "anti-absolute", but distinct: growing. Grammar because it is the structure of their words that convey their meaning; the difference in "this, but this" (and | or) "this, and this" -- substitute "this" a slew of words from a vast array of professions. Rhizome. I remember from 9th grade biology, but they're not talking about literal plants, and yet I feel I know what they're saying (though perhaps not letter C symbolically). Chiasmus. Analogy. "It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it" but not when you're fighting with a loved one.

Ronnell talked about truth needing to pass its own litmus test. Perhaps "the literary style" or "the literary truth" gets around that by remaining nebulous. And so, perhaps, a good reading is one that doesn't disrupt flow. I see it like... the (words | ideas | thingies) are a body (without organs) of particles in constant connected motion in all dimensions of space(time) -- a bad reading is to take an instance of that flow and freeze it. Is that a useful image? (ambiguous 'image' to remain unspecified)

Because if writing is no longer viewed as constative but instead as performative (in the way it creates something), the act of reading constative truth in a text (text as an action/verb) is nonsensical (... illogical seemed too ironic).

And suddenly "the class" (no offense, Mike) became from a set of disparate Tuesdays one.